Welcome to Wen's World, rather like Sophie's World, except that it lacks any sort of coherent philosophy, little red boats, and confused Norwegian girls. Ok, so it's nothing like Sophie's World. What my point is, is that when you chase a man with a little red boat containing confused Norwegian girls screaming coherent philosophy, will he laugh or scream? Wait.. I don't think there's a point to that either.. Ok, so this has no point. This is MY world, ok? I control every petty little aspect of it! BWA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!! Sorry, I gotta find somewhere to feel significant. Those of you who have no idea who I am, predictably will not know who I am. My nickname is Wen. My real name will not be disclosed here for safety reasons (yes, i AM a paranoid freak, and i DO listen to the members of scullyfic ;)). My many obsessions in life include Star Wars, the X-Files, smoked salmon, incoherent philosophy, mocha frappuchinos at Barnes and Nobles, writing anything at all, art, little red boats, strangely useless webpages, fanfiction, moping around on the web, trying to get in all the classic lit I can before the age of 18, and whatever else may come to my mind. I currently inhabit a world known to it's arrogant inhabitants as "Earth!" and brit, alyona, and I are awaiting the destruction of the species so we can return home, though we suspect that we may also be left here longer after that to catalog the disgusting decayed remains... ah, the deception! but more on that later. Or not. It all depends on my mood So why did I make this webpage? The predominant emotion is boredom, and the predominant reason is that I needed somewhere to connect all my webpages together. SO here you have it! An odd plethora of complete insanity assuming the name "Wen". Well, I suppose that should do it for this introduction of sorts... if you aren't happy, then pick up a dime and call 1-800-COLLECT. May the bunnies save your soul when you do. I have no idea where that just came from, and have no intention of finding out.

I can see you! The actual wenpages will be along the bottom here somewhere. The links beneath my eyes are the twisted countries and continents of Wen's World. Enjoy!

The Looney Bin, a plethora of lunatics, madmen (and women), and just plain crazies galore!

Conspiracy Central; you're better safe than sorry- trust me!


A Light in the Dark: Don't visit just yet. I'm still renovating. This is my first webpage, and it contains my poetry (Dear God NO!)
The Love Sucks Club!: I think it speaks for itself ;) join today!
Wen's fanfiction (The X-Files): yup, the name speaks for itself again. Visit, read, send me feedback, and I will be forever grateful :) all blatant flames will be cheerfully regarded for nutritional value then discarded. :)
Mulder's Guardian Angel Network: Coming Soon! Or at least, the next time I get a vacation and not be grounded during it!

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