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   images of frailty (vignettes)

NEW- One petal falls free- (companion piece to flower petals pressed beneath my skin)                    sometimes, love goes deeper than anything and eveything.

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Flower Petals Pressed Beneath my Skin- is it better to stay and love someone, or               leave to set them free?

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Empty Voices- Post Colonization (Post One Son). Who had it worse, the ones that died               during invasion, or the ones left behind?

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Dipped in Black- //dipped in black//

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Parting the Sea- what about the ones that couldn't save them?

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Waiting- some of us are waiting for somebody else. others, however, are waiting for                release.

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Pure Desire- What does Dana Scully really want?

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Someone else's Daughter- My youthfic improv fic done hurriedly in one night.                Mulder has such beautiful dreams, but it's always the beautiful dreams that tear us apart.

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Watercolor Stains- others take art and make it into a passion. we took art and made it                into pain.

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)Shimmer- burn straight through

lilvig.jpg (11035 bytes)All the Sooner- my first posted fic- a prologue from an early draft of the Ariadne                Thread.