Gee. You must be reeeaaaallly bored, drugged, drunk, or a combination of all three to come here ;) So, ya wanna know the club history, eh? So who sent ya? huh? huh? I suppose we should set up one of those amusing little guestbooks but then I'd get abusive messages from my friends ridiculing me over this club as they usually do ;p Anyway, once upon a time, Wen had AOL (America Online, you nitwits ;)) When wen was ON AOL, she used to wander around the Star Wars Message Boards. On these Message boards, she met David, who promptly abused her for being an over-eager (I wasn't THAT over eager!!!) newbie, however, by some odd twist of chance, they became friends. :) YAAAY!!!! Sometime in June or May, I can't remember, but anyway we were both bitching about how much love sucked or something because for some reason we happen to CONFIDE in eachother, gods know why (hee hee hee i'm just playin with ya, davie ;)) but i won't talk about WHAT it was specifically. Anyway, we decided to start a "Love Sucks Club"- so there you have it- a very cynical club borne from a very cynical inside joke. So wen got the shimmy-shake out to some friends and the crusade gained the following avid warriors: Seema, our vice prez, a nice girl with a problem with guys named David (not you, Davie..) a problem that I also admit to have (David Duchovny... droool...), Brit, our treasurer, who decided to be treasurer despite the fact we don't have any money, much less means to GET any money, and Mikee, my adopted online brother, who didn't really wanna join the Love Sucks Club since he's very much in love with a nice girl named bethie, but he's my brother so I made him the ambassador. So, now we stand as the Love Sucks club, and I'm hoping Davie will recruit more people (that's my way of saying MOVE YOUR BUTT!!!!, davie!! ;)) but now I must depart because I'm typing this at school and the bell just rang! GOTTA GO!!!
i'm not insane. i'm you!

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