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AUTHORS NOTES: This work was inspired by, of course, the line in Nietzsche, and also from the
following segment in "The Power of Myth"-
<<MOYERS: I like what you say about the old myth of Theseus and Ariadne. Theseus says to Ariadne,
"I'll love you forever if you can show me a way to come out of the labyrinth." So she gives him
a ball of string, which he unwinds as he goes into the labyrinth, and then follows to find the
way out. You say, "All he had was the string. That's all you need."
CAMPBELL: That's all you need- an Ariadne thread.
MOYERS: Sometimes we look for great wealth to save us, a great power to save us, when all we
need is that piece of string.>>
I was also inspired by repeat viewings of Christmas Carol, All Souls, and too many other
episodes to list here. I was fascinated with the St. Scully approach and wondered about
the strength beneath her slightly trembling facade. The synthesis of all these sources led
to the rough idea for this fic.

Oh my. When I started organizing my thoughts for my first venture into the XF universe in
July, I thought that at the most, it'd take me a week or two to write. Well, six or seven months,
several different drafts/versions, and many sleepless nights later, I didn't really finish it,
at least not the the extent I wanted to.. I heard someone once say that creative projects
are never finished, just abandoned. I guess that same thing applies here...

This is my first story, so to say that I'd love to hear what you thought about
it would be one of the largest understatements of all time. I'm on my hands
and knees here, folks! ;)
Am I wasting my time? Am I wasting your time? Let me know, please please please!
e-mail me!!!


My beta readers- a million thanks and small foil wrapped chocolates for helping me make it
through all these months pouring my lifeblood and energy left over from school/life into
this piece of work;
I really couldn't have done this without your support (even though 'lyona is *still*
having a few problems with the shippy parts ;)), patience, suggestions, and listening to my
frequent 'lack of self confidence' ramblings during even more frequent bouts of writer's block-
Alyona~ my X-Phile co-conspirator, who thankfully did not hesitate to tell me what
was working and what wasn't, though I did leave all those lil shippy things in
that pissed her off, hee hee hee
Davie~ subjected to this despite the fact that he doesn't like the XF <gasp!>, whose
comments on my writing itself were invaluable
Elisabeth~ an absolute angel that always has something nice to say, and a comment on just
about every section she read for me.. I can honestly say that the reason you're
reading this now and its not in the recycle bin of my computer is because of her.
Laura/loa~ I don't know how I could possibly thank her more. Not only did she correct my
rather ample amount of grammar mistakes, she also helped with character. Definitely
one of the world's best beta readers, and person, as well :)
Kelly~ who I'm slowly but surely converting into an X-Phile <eg> She started reading this
after seeing the RL Cliff dance at a pep rally. She still doesn't know which one
terrified her more, the fictional cliff or RL one.
I think she's still leaning towards the RL Cliff...
Evan- yes, this is for that "XF= X-Files freak?" comment you made. I prefer the term "X-Phile".
No (true) malevolence intended in running you off the side of a road, I just wanted to see how
high you'd jump when you read it. Besides, I thought it'd
be rather appropriate to give your name to a character who made people go insane... ;)
Andrew- my favorite silly. You get a shout-out because the nuthouse in chapy 1 was lovingly
named after you :)
Atlanta GA- my city, I miss you, and I still get a kick out of your quirks
The reader- thanks for getting this far :) drop me a line!
A special thanks to the Queen of the Faeries

inane comment related to the fic: Cliff, whom the antagonist of this tale was named
after, was said to resemble David Duchovny in our school's "buzz file" (some weird thing
they do for the Friday announcements)

Well, that's it for now folks!

Stay tuned for my conspiracy work in progress...

just to give you a taste:

~A well kept secret from Fox Mulder's past exposed. A soulmate. A hurricane. A life on the run. The unraveling of the ultimate conspiracy. And Dana Scully, in the midst of it all. What would you do if you had to choose between what's meant to be, and what should be?~

bye for now! come back soon! :)


<more shameless begging for feedback>


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